There are lots of activities to help your students in the tobacco prevention and intervention areas. Some are classroom activities. Some are great homework activities for projects. Some are great group or club activities.

This activity will give you a brief look at several tobacco delivery methods in three ways. First you'll see an image of the method, then when you click on the image you'll get a closer view with two buttons at the bottom. The i will give you a description (text) and the arrow will open a short video about it.

Florida participants: Check out this great picture puzzle. Once you complete the puzzle, if you like the picture, send us an email and we will send you a poster of it! Works on any device or computer accessing the web.

Here is a NEW Memory Game geared for upper elementary age (grades 3-5) students. Matching images to diseases is a great way for them to learn of the dangers inherent in tobacco use. Not too graphic, but it would be a good idea to preview before using with your kids.

The Shane and Sally Smoke Free Game is a classroom based smoking prevention program that can be used by children between 10 to 12 years of age. It has been designed by a multidisciplinary team of health professionals and has been trialed in a number of primary schools in the outer southern metropolitan area of Adelaide, South Australia.