Sarasota County

Sarasota Professional Development Information

All Sarasota district employees are to be provided the referenced information at their new hire orientation, faculty/staff meetings, etc. Also, all campuses have a PD Facilitator available should they have questions regarding the procedures for recording of their in-service credit. The facilitator should be an employee’s first point of contact regarding PD inquiries – if the facilitator cannot answer their question, they will contact the Professional Development (PD) & Teacher Evaluation Department. This process allows for the facilitator to gain more knowledge in order to respond to future inquiries as well as curb the volume of inquiries from individuals.

Here’s the link to our district’s Professional Development & Teacher Evaluation Department web page:

Once the link is accessed, they just need to select In-Service Credit Policy & Procedure Links from the “Links” list on the right side of the page. While this document does provide pertinent information, an individual may still have specific questions for which they should contact the facilitator assigned to their campus.

The link to the Professional Development System (PDS) cited in the aforementioned policy & procedure follows:

This link provides the on-line Request for In-Service Credit form as well as additional instructions (within the form) on completing said form. Unless/until district employees are informed otherwise, said request procedures will remain in place for out-of-district courses for which they are seeking in-service credit to go toward their (re)certification.

At the time of registration, it would be greatly appreciated if our district participants were reminded of the procedures (stated above) for obtaining in-service credit. As the course has been approved by the state, participants will receive credit/points for completing said course provided they follow the established procedures.

If you have any questions concerning the awarding of points for completing this course, please contact your professional development department for Sarasota County Schools.