Miami-Dade Professional Development Information

Miami-Dade participants must also register in their system. The M-D catalog only offers the 10-point course to M/D participants.

If you continue to have trouble or cannot find the course in the system you may want to contact Caty Prendes, Supervisor at the Data Center or Janis Fackler, Ph. D., Teacher-Director at the Center for Professional Learning.

Click here to go to the Miami-Dade login page.

Upon successful login: Click on the tab labeled "Apps / Services / Sites". Under this tab, select the "MyLearningPlan" tile.

Employees will automatically be logged into the MyLearningPlan website.

To search & register for courses, select "District Catalog" from the menu items listed on the left side of the homepage.

If you have questions about points for completing this course, please contact the people mentioned above.

Registration is now open for SY20

Click here to register for the 10-point ENDs training course