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Registration & Course Requirements

NOTE: Some districts require that you first register on their professional development system BEFORE registering here. The drop-down menu from the navigation bar at the top of this page will give you special instructions only for the districts that require special attention.

NOTE: Districts may award up to 30 or 60 certificate renewal points for successful completion of one of these courses. It is YOUR responsibility to verify how your district professional development department is managing points related to this program. If you are in doubt, contact them immediately before proceeding.


  • Must have active Florida Teaching Certificate. The link will let you look it up online using your name.
  • Must have a K-12 school to work with
    • Name of School
    • Address of School
    • Phone Number of School
    • Approximate number of students at school
    • Number of students in your class(es) (precise number +/-5)
  • Must complete entire course in allotted time.
  • Must be able to teach at least six lessons to your class(es). You must write one of these lessons using our guidelines.

Course Requirements - 30-Point Program 60-Point Program

Registration for SY20 Tobacco Prevention ENDS course.