Important Dates & Times for SY19

Monday, Aug. 14th @ 8:00 AM: Courses Open

Monday, April 30th @ 4:00 PM: Registration Closes

Friday, May 24th @ 4:00 PM: Lesson Plan Deadline

Thursday, June 6th @ 4:00 PM: Courses Close for SY18

Why do YOU want to be part of this program?

Over the past three years:

  • Nearly 2,000 educators signed up for this program.
  • Over 700 Florida educators completed and taught-
  • Over 50,000 students tobacco prevention.

Each year, teachers demonstrate a positive influence in helping students make healthy decisions concerning tobacco.

In SY19:

  • YOU can help our children by educating them about the dangers of tobacco, including vaping.
  • YOU can teach them how to resist the pressures of marketing and peers.
  • And YOU can show them how to recognize issues related to it.

Once You Complete This Course You Will:

  • Earn 60 OR 30 teacher in-service credits as approved by your district.
  • Create a lesson plan that will help your students and thousands of other educators.
  • Teach 6 lessons, 5 chosen from our library of lessons and the one you created to help your students.
  • Be the expert in tobacco prevention.
  • Measure the impact of an educator on students as they learn to make healthy decisions regarding tobacco use.

BRAND NEW for Florida School Nurses: 20-CEU Tobacco Prevention Training course. Click here for more info.

Comments from past participants:

  • Wow! What an incredible course, very helpful and informative. I believe now, I really can make a difference in helping the lives of others. (M.P. from Palm Beach County)
  • Just a note to let you know I am loving doing the lessons with my kids. I have been doing 2 lessons a day, since I am on a block schedule and have my kids extended time each day. I am so amazed at how interested they are, how much they are enjoying the activities, and how may ‘light bulbs’ look like they’re going on. I hope it translates to good choices for them at some point in their lives. (S.A. from Sarasota County)
  • That was probably the most interesting course I have ever taken. Thank you! (J.S. from Palm Beach County)
  • …was very impressed with the videos and the easy accessibility to the website (J.R. from Calhoun County)
  • The course was easy to guide myself through and the links and videos easy to get to. (K.P. from Dade County)
  • I felt that the course was very user friendly. (T.C. from Brevard County)
  • The site loaded quickly. When I had a question about an assignment, it was answered in a timely matter. (M. C. from Dade County)
  • I took the course from home so I had no problems. (B.A. from Dade County)
  • My students and I wish to thank you all for a most outstanding program. Due to the Florida Statewide Tobacco Prevention On Line Course Sy13 I grew professionally & was able to launch creative, educational common core connective lessons/activities to foster and promote life long classroom to real world learning lessons and self discovery. (J.V. from Collier County)


School Nurses

20-CEU Course

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Professional Development

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