Spring 2020

Senate Panel Supports Age Increase For Tobacco, Vaping Purchase


Members of the Senate Health Policy Committee unanimously approved a measure (SB 810) that would make it illegal for people under 21 to use tobacco products no matter the delivery system, consistent with a new federal law.

Orange County tobacco point of sale task force led by UCF students

March 9, 2020

Florida Department of Health

As Orange County continues to educate the community about the risks associated with tobacco products and electronic cigarettes (e-cigs), the Point of Sale Task Force, made up of students from the University of Central Florida (UCF), has become a crucial participant in reaching the post-adolescent demographic.

The Tobacco Point of Sale Task Force is represented by select members of the university’s Student Health Advisory Committee (SHAC), a student group organized and mentored by UCF Student Health Services administrators. SHAC aims to educate and promote healthy lifestyle behaviors through outreach activities and supporting various screenings.

Adults, Not Just Teens, Like Dessert-Flavored E-Cigs: Study

March 10, 2020

BY KAYLA MCKISKI, HealthDay Reporter

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration is enforcing a previously issued ban on sales of sweet-flavored e-cigarette cartridges -- a move to fight the youth vaping epidemic that may have broader consequences.

But it turns out that adults like dessert-flavored e-cigarettes, too, researchers at Penn State College of Medicine found.

"Our data show that flavors aren't just popular with the youth, but with adults as well," said lead author Dr. Ping Du, associate professor of medicine and public health sciences.

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Vaping giant Juul Labs tried to court state attorneys general and donated tens of thousands of dollars to their election campaigns in an ultimately unsuccessful effort to head off legal challenges as e-cigarette usage among teens surged.

A new report from the Associated Press details how Juul, the nation's largest electronic cigarette company, spent months meeting with at least six AGs to push the public health potential of its devices for adult smokers and its 'commitment to end youth use'.

In many cases Juul's political action committee gave thousands of dollars to the AGs prior to meeting with them. The PAC also donated $100,000 to Republican and Democratic fundraising committees that supported AG candidates.

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Juul tried to court state AGs and donated tens of thousands to their election campaigns in an unsuccessful effort to head off legal challenges as the vaping giant targeted teens


PUBLISHED: 01:19 EDT, 9 March 2020 | UPDATED: 20:15 EDT, 9 March 2020

Here is a video from Good Morning America on a new disposable cigarette that students are utilizing in lieu of Juul.

Tobacco use in Florida schools doubles; what’s being done to snuff out the trend

By: Karla Ray

Updated: February 12, 2020 - 6:57 PM

9 Investigates has learned that the number of students disciplined for tobacco use in Florida schools nearly doubled in just one year, and school leaders believe it’s due to e-cigarette use.

Though some states have begun to separate e-cigarette use from tobacco use when collecting student discipline data, Florida has not. However, statewide, there was a steady decline in tobacco-related incidents in schools over the course of five years, before spiking again as e-cigarettes gained popularity.

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