PBC STEM Teacher Externships

Influencing the STEM Pipeline in Palm Beach County

businesses + teachers = student success

"STEM professionals come from all sorts of backgrounds and educations, so it is important that we use the classroom to dismantle these sterotyoes and misconceptions."

Monte Chapman, West Boca Community HS, Aerojet Rocketdyne Teacher Extern

What is the PBC STEM Teacher Externship Program?

The program provides the District’s teachers real-world learning experiences while providing businesses highly talented employees for short-term assignments. As a result of this program, teachers learn first-hand how the content they are teaching is used in the workplace and business benefit from highly-energized employees for short-term summer assignments.

Created by the PBC STEM Education Council, and in partnership with the School District of Palm Beach County, this program fosters the STEM talent pipeline and helps shape the future of the PBC workforce.

1 teacher x 5 classes x 25 students = 125 students Influenced

Program Details

Who gets chosen? Middle and high school teachers apply and top candidates are selected. Business needs are linked with the interests and skills of future externs. Businesses review the applications, interview candidates, and make final selections.

What is the time commitment? Monday - Friday 8 AM- 5 PM 4-6 weeks during the summer

What experience is needed for teachers? No business/industry experience is needed. Skills and previous experience will be considered for placement for the benefit of the teacher and business.

What is the compensation? $150 per day paid by the business. Changing lives for the better, PRICELESS!