Technical Notes

This information on this page is intended for School Techs. Teachers are welcome to read but will need to ask their tech for assistance in completing these tasks.


Remote Installation of SMART Notebook on District Computers: School Techs can deploy the Landesk / Invanti package to teacher desktop computers remotely. The package location in Invanti for SMART Notebook 18 is shown in the image below. The package is configured to install SMART Learning Suite 18 and a shortcut on the desktop for the "SMART Learning Suite Online" page. There is no need to deploy this to SMART panel 7050 Dell computers as the image includes it already.

Both installation options yield the same result with two shortcut icons on the teacher desktop.


The District automatically deployed a task to update "SMART Ink" and "SMART Product Drivers" on October 5 . This corrects a significant bug that causes the Chrome browser to lock or shut down and also causes SMART Ink to stop responding and restart in the Chrome browser. For schools that receive their SMART panels after this date, this job will automatically run on those units new to the District. No school tech action should be needed in either instance.

After the update patch is automatically applied, you will see a newer (higher) version number for both SMART Ink (5.3.385.0) and SMART Product Drivers (12.10.774.0). The screen capture shown below from the Programs Menu shows the new versions:

If a machine is missed in the targeting, it can be pushed again by the school tech as needed; the patch is located in the following location:


  • The Dell image that ships on computers delivered with panels from Aug-Nov 2018 has Chrome v. 68 running, 32-bit
  • To improve performance and stability of SMART software on the panel, SMART has suggested to upgrade to 64-bit chrome
  • Currently, the best way to do this is to reimage as described in the section below. This is because doing a straight upgrade from 32 to 64-bit Chrome while staying on the same version of Chrome (v.68) has been observed to have issues at times in the District.
  • To improve this process (so reimaging is not required), IT is working with SMART to first confirm that Chrome v.69 is acceptable for their software. Once that is confirmed, IT will make a package to target SMART IFPs to automatically upgrade to Chrome v.69, 64-bit.
  • This section was updated 10/8/2018 and will be updated over the next two weeks more as information is available.

Reimaging DELL 7050 Computers on SMARt IFP SYSTEMS

The image being deployed with all systems factory imaged by Dell (Aug-Nov SMART IFP deliveries to MS/HS Trailblazers) was developed earlier this summer. If you need to reimage, you will notice some tweaks/improvements to the current image available for reimaging including:

  • One touch clicking for users (no need to double touch)
  • Chrome 64-bit browser included on the image (orig had 32-bit Chrome)
  • Other minor icon changes on the desktop
  • SMART Ink and Drivers patch described in previous section

To reimage a Dell 7050 computer on a SMART system, please follow these directions.

The reimaged computer will have all the changes noted above and be ready to use with the SMART panel.

Note: As described in previous sections, the District has processes in progress to automate the significant system changes so that reimaging is not required.