School Advisory Council

John I. Leonard High School

Our mission is to provide students with a safe and positive environment in which each student is encouraged to achieve his or her highest level of educational excellence to acquire the skills necessary to make a positive impact on society.

Tentative SAC dates

All meeting will be held virtually using Google Meet Technology until further notice.

FY21 SAC Meeting Dates

School Advisory Council of John I. Leonard High School

The School Advisory Council (S.A.C.) is a resource for the school, its teachers, parents, students and principal. Its function is to develop and oversee the implementation of the School Improvement Plan (S.I.P.) that will serve for a framework for school improvement.

The primary function of the S.A.C. is to provide all of the stakeholders an opportunity to be active participants in the assessment of needs, development of priorities, and the identification and use of resources based on an analysis of available school data.

SAC Bylaws

School Improvement Plan

SAC Monetary Request