Tutor Tools for 1-on-1

Print on cardstock, cut up and make packets for each student. Use for:

  • Word/Number Building
  • Letter/Number Identification
  • Personalized Letter/Number Practice
Consonants Cards.pdf

Consonant Cards

Vowel and Punctuation Cards.pdf

Vowel/Punctuation Cards

Number Cards 1-10.pdf

Number Cards

Blank Month Calendar.pdf

Blank Monthly Calendar

  • Print one copy for each student
  • Place in plastic sheet protector (or make copies for each exercise)
  • Each month, have students practice creating a calendar, updating it with important events, identifying specific dates, and completing q and a from this template:
      • What is the day tomorrow?
      • How many days are in one week?
      • What are the days of the week?
      • How many Tuesday's are in January?


Techniquest for teaching in tutoring

Use this resource to create your own printable guided handwriting sheets for free!

  • Make one for each students' name/address/phone
  • Print the word/phrase of the day
  • Vocabulary words

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