Utilize the checklists for Literacy A, B, and C, which are mapped to the DOE standards and the Palm Beach County Literacy A,B,C Scope and Sequence Tool. Check off each week as you cover content outlined per the Scope and Sequence, record learning gains, and properly report progress to your administration.

Updated August 2018

Recording & Reporting

Native Language Literacy Screening Tool

In order to enroll in a literacy course, students must have completed a Native Language Literacy Screening tool which allows the students to demonstrate how much literacy background they have in writing, formation of letters, etc. This document should be maintained in every students' file.

If available, please obtain a copy of students' results to get a sense of their writing ability and literacy needs.

Review the manual using the link below to understand how the form is scored, and to better understand student placement.

Report an LCP

At the end of the term, if student has a completed checklist for their level of enrollment, submit the Progress Report Certificate to your administrative office in order to report a student LCP along with completed Checklist.

updated 11/5/2019

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