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University of Lille (USTL) 🇫🇷

The University of Lille (Lille 1) is a State University of Science, founded in 1562 by the Spanish. It became French in 1667. Louis PASTEUR was the first Dean of the Science University in 1854. Located in the University of Lille 1, the USR 3290 Miniaturization for the Synthesis, Analysis and Proteomics is a CNRS research and facility unit which is at the interface between chemistry by its membership to the FR 2638 (Research Federation), Michel Chevreul Institute and Biology by its membership to the FR 3688 (Research Federation) FRABIO. For the facility part, the USR 3290 MSAP is labeled IBiSA (Infrastructures in Biology Health and Agronomy) and is one of the sites of CNRS TGE FT-ICR (upgraded in January 2016 to Research Federation) and SIRIC platform from Lille (Site of Integrated Research on Cancer).

Caroline Tokarski

Supervisor of Francesca Galluzzi

Co-supervisor of Fabiana Di Gianvincenzo

Caroline Tokarski is a member of the “Institut Universitaire de France”. Her research concerns methodological developments based on high-resolution mass spectrometry. In particular, she developed new methodologies for analysis of proteins, lipids, and polysaccharides from Cultural Heritage samples. She was recognized in 2011 by the Analytical Chemistry Division of the French Society of Chemistry for her developments in Cultural Heritage (Award 2011). She has supervised 7 PhD, 4 post-doc and 28 students of Master level (french and foreigner) in Mass Spectrometry thematics. She is the coordinator of the european JPI-JHEP project “LeadART” 2014-2017 involving 11 european partners among which are academic partners, private groups, and Rijksmuseum.