Workshop 5 & 6

Copenhagen 29 April - 3 May 2019

Workshop 5. Grant writing, peer review, project management.

The ability to raise one's own research funds is becoming of increased relevance to the modern day academic and small business. Success at grant writing is by no means easy, and successful strategy can by no means be generalised. Nevertheless, there are several key attributes that underlie many successful grants, which make the process much less daunting, and increase success rates. This 3-day workshop is built around the beneficiaries own high success rates in obtaining research funding plus input from a private consultant (Mike Wen√łe at WOWE). It will firstly introduce the ESRs to the wide range of funding options available for ESRs as they move into post-PhD positions (1 day) after which 2 days of theory and practice will be given focused around the;tricks of the trade.

Workshop 6.Policy and careers policy and careers workshop.

This 2-day workshop will bring together heritage professionals and commercial osteoarchaeologists to compare practices with a view to careers that engage with these two sectors, either directly or indirectly.