Workshop 3:


25-29 September 2017

Fieldwork workshop

This workshop will introduce students to how research excavations and contract excavations are planned and executed and how these were performed earlier in history. The students will take part in excavations, discuss sampling strategies and handle artefacts in the field, all in order to understand how museum collections are produced and how they can be utilised for future research.

Furthermore, it will demonstrate the importance of understanding the processes through which samples are excavated, curated and selected. This workshop will be organised in cooperation with Kalmar County Museum , who performs contract archaeology in Southern Sweden, and the Sigtuna Museum.



Monday 25th

10.00–16.00 Introduction to excavation: theory, techniques, sampling, security, etc.

16.30– Welcome Pub at the department after the lectures

Teacher: Sven Isaksson

Location: Department of Archaeology and Classical Studies, AFL Stockholm

Tuesday 26th

7.00 Departure from Stockholm

12.30–16.00 Excavation

Teacher: Ludvig Papmehl-Dufay (Kalmar County Museum)

Location: Sandby borg, Öland

Wednesday 27th

8.00–16.00 Excavation

16.00–17.30 Excursion to various ancient monuments on Öland

Teacher: Ludvig Papmehl-Dufay (Kalmar County Museum)

Location: Sandby borg, Öland

Thursday 28th

8.00–12.00 Excavation

13.00 Departure for Stockholm

19.00– Formal dinner at the Östra station restaurant in Stockholm

Teacher: Ludvig Papmehl-Dufay (Kalmar County Museum)

Location: Sandby borg, Öland

Friday 29th

10.00–16.00 What happens with the artefacts? Conservation, storing and cataloguing

Teachers: Lena Holmquist, Anders Söderberg (Sigtuna Museum)

Location: Sigtuna Museum (approx. an hour and a half from the city centre of Stockholm)

NB! Please make sure to bring clothes and shoes appropriate for excavation – rain gear, wellies or waterproof shoes, sth warm. A thermos bottle is also very useful. All lunches will be included.

All transportation will be by public transport, unless the excavation demands otherwise. If so we will rent two mini buses for the transportation. Students are expected to arrive Sunday and leave Saturday.

Contact: Lena Holmquist, Sven Isaksson, Kerstin Lidén