Workshop 1


21st - 22nd April 2017

Workshop 1. Managing a PhD, planning and preparing a thesis, writing skills and communication skills.

This will equip the ESRs to the introductory methods and basic project management skills that are central to successful embarkation on a PhD trajectory.

Trainers and expersts will be drawn both from the Graduate School of Humanities in Groningen (RUG) (staff, current and recently completed, PhDs and also Post Docs) as well from the Dutch Graduate School in Archaeology (ARCHON, Chair, Raemaekers), as well as invited international experts.


Day 1: Thursday 20th April

09.00 to 14.00: Managing (and Surviving!) a PhD [taught by local trainer]

15.00 to 17.00: Data Management in ArchSci2020 [led by Matthew Collins]

Day 2: Friday 21st April

10.00 to 16.00: Inter-Disciplinary Communication Skills [local staff + team exercises]

What the ArchSci2020 ESRs need to prepare: A 200 word abstract for their PhD (for Day 2).