Midterm Meeting

Date: Wednesday 21st March, Arrive 8.30 AM.

Location: WR Brx office, White Rose Brussels Office, Nordic House, Rue du Luxembourg 3


9:00: Welcome by Project Coordinator Matthew Collins

9:00-9:15: Introduction: REA Project Officer Dora

9:15-9:45: Tour de table: Each scientists-in-charge briefly present their research team and describe their role within the network.

~ 5 min M.Collins, York

~ 5 min T. Gilbert, Copenhagen

~ 5 min P. Jordan, Groningen

~ 5 min G. Eriksson / K Liden, Stockholm

~ 5 min L. Dalen Swedish Museum of Natural History (representative of partner organization, who they are and role)

9:45-10:45: Coordinator's report: M. Collins present Mid-term report. Covering scientific, training, network and management.

11:00-12:30 Fellows' individual reports. The fellow present their background, work and training in the network, including their expectations on the possible impact of the actions in their future career.

11.00-11.10: ESR1, Aripekka Junno: Bringing home animals – Ainu and Okhotsk Culture food technologies.

11.10-11.20: ERS2, Eden Slidel: Exploring ZooMS technology as a tool for sex determination

11.20-11.30: ESR3, Jonas Niemann: The genomics of extinction

11.30-11.40: ESR4, Tatiana Richtman Feuerborn: Human exploitation of the wolf gene pool during indigenous circumpolar dog domestication

11.40-11.50: ESR5, Madison Llewellin: Direct dating of pottery by AMS

11.50-12.00: ESR6, Xenia Weber: The genomic effects of prehistoric and contemporary walrus exploitation

12.00-12.10: ESR7, Maiken Hemme Bro-Jørgensen: Human exploitation and adaptation of different seal species in the Baltic Sea – genomic effects and subsistence

12.10-12.20: ESR8, Anne-Marijn Snaaijer: Osteoporosis– a modern lifestyle disease?

12.20-12.30: ESR9, Jack Dury: Dealing with radiocarbon reservoir effects in human and faunal skeletal remains

13:15-14:15: Fellows' individual reports continues

13.15-13.25: ESR10, Anne Katrine Runge: Uncovering the potential of dental calculus in exploring ancient diet and subsistence

13.25-13.35: ESR11, Alison Harris: Refined palaeodietary reconstruction in stable isotope analysis of collagen

13.35-13.45: ESR12, Özge Demirci: Regional variation in the use of the earliest pottery in Northwestern Europe

13.45-13.55: ESR13, Manon Bondetti: The ‘aquatic Neolithic’ of the Northern European Boreal Forest

13.55-14.05: ESR14, Theis Jensen: The animality of Mesolithic bone tools

14.05-14.15: ESR15, Mariana Muñoz-Rodriguez: Artefact geographies of the Viking Age

14:15: Split into Fellows and Staff

14:15 - 16:00 Fellows meet with REA



14:15-15:00 REA meeting with fellows (whole ESR group)

REA meeting with fellows (ESR groups)

15:00-15:15: REA-U of York Fellows

15:15-15:30: REA-U of Copenhagen

15:30-15:45: REA-U of Stockholm

15:45-16:00: REA- U of Groningen

14:15-16:00 Staff and Partners hold consortium meeting

16:30-17:00 Restricted session: Meeting between coordinator/partners/financial managers and Project Officer

17:00-17:45 Feedback and open discussion:

Feedback from the REA Project Officer and the External Expert (Monitor) and discussion on the output of the Network so far, on possible training areas for future exploitation or the impact on fellows' future careers development

17:45-18:00 Closure: M. Collins recap and explain agenda for following day

18:30 Dinner at Restaurant (WRB book). We go directly from WR office