Early Stage Researchers

PhD. Student Aripekka Junno

ESR 01: Bringing home animals – Ainu and Okhotsk Culture food technologies

Groningen - Stockholm

Email: ari@palaeome.org

PhD. Student Eden Slidel

ESR 02: Exploring ZooMS technology as a tool for sex determination

Copenhagen - York

Email: eden@palaeome.org

PhD. Student Jonas Niemann

ESR 03: The genomics of extinction

Copenhagen - York

Email: jonas@palaeome.org

PhD. Student Tatiana Feuerborn

ESR04: Human exploitation of the wolf gene pool during indigenous circumpolar dog domestication

Copenhagen - Stockholm

Email: tatianafeuerborn@palaeome.org

PhD. Student Madison Llewellin

ESR05: Direct dating of pottery by AMS

Groningen - Stockholm

Email: madison-holly@palaeome.org

PhD. Student Xénia Keighley (Weber)

ESR06: The genomic effects of prehistoric and contemporary walrus exploitation

Copenhagen - Groningen

Email: xenia@palaeome.org

PhD Student Maiken Bro-Jørgensen

ESR07: Human exploitation and adaptation of different seal species in the Baltic Sea – genomic effects and subsistence

Stockholm - Copenhagen

Email: maiken@palaeome.org

PhD student Anne-Marijn Snaaijer

ESR 08: Osteoporosis– a modern lifestyle disease?

Stockholm - Copenhagen

Email: annemarijn@palaeome.org

PhD student Jack Dury

ESR09: Dealing with radiocarbon reservoir effects in human and faunal skeletal remains

Stockholm - Groningen

Email: jack@palaeome.org

PhD student Anne Katrine Runge

ESR10: Uncovering the potential of coprolites in exploring ancient diet and subsistence

York - Copenhagen

Email: ak@palaeome.org

PhD student Alison Harris

ESR11: Refined palaeodietary reconstruction in stable isotope analysis of collagen

Stockholm - York

Email: alison@palaeome.org

PhD Student Özge Demirci

ESR 12: Regional variation in the use of the earliest pottery in Northwestern Europe

Groningen - York

Email: odemirci@palaeome.org

PhD student Manon Bondetti

ESR 13: The ‘aquatic Neolithic’ of the Northern European Boreal Forest

York - Groningen

Email: manon@palaeome.org


PhD student Theis Jensen

ESR14: The animality of Mesolithic bone tools

York - Copenhagen

Email: theistrollejensen@palaeome.org

PhD student Mariana Muñoz-Rodriguez

ESR 15: Artefact geographies of the Viking Age

York - Stockholm

Email: mariana@palaeome.org