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European Joint Doctorates

ArchSci2020 offers the first European Joint Doctorates in Archaeological Sciences. We recognise that in certain fast-moving fields there is a need to promote international, intersectoral, and multi/inter-disciplinary collaboration in doctoral-level training.

ArchSci2020 will aim to train a new cohort of archaeological scientists. Archaeological science, in particular biomolecular archaeology, is emerging as one of a new generation of transdisciplinary topics that are transforming the ‘home’ discipline of archaeology. The momentum within the discipline is outstripping the ability to deliver comprehensive training programmes at the national level. Individual departments within Europe are recognised for their specific strengths, but consequently students are being forced to specialise at too early a stage, often without a full understanding of the explosive growth of the discipline and its intersecting elements.


ArchSci2020 ESRs will be exceptionally well supported by world-class facilities and expertise (including a raft of specialist courses) in so-called ‘omics technologies (e.g. genomics, metagenomics, metabolomics, proteomics), across all four ArchSci2020 partners. The combined strength of ‘omic technologies across ArchSci2020 is unrivalled, and represents a critical mass of technology and training of truly global standing. ArchSci2020 facilities include state-of-the-art centres and facilities for ‘omics research. Three of the partners have specialist ancient DNA preparation facilities and sequencing platforms. UoY and UCPH provide access to the high throughput MALDI-TOF-MS, and next generation high-resolution MS/MS on a range of complementary platforms. SU and UoY offer both bulk and single compound stable isotope ratio mass spectrometry, and GC-and GC-MS, with SU also offering prep-GC and UoY also offering LC.

Cloud Based

Every ArchSci2020 ESR will be provided with a Chromebook and Paperpile for bibliographic storage. Google is supporting ArchSci2020 by providing each ESR with a Google Apps account with unlimited storage.

Chromebook is a thin client which runs on Google’s web-based Chrome OS. The Chromebook’s documents and apps exist in the cloud.

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