Spike's Scoop

Spike’s Scoop

Committee Goal: To create a monthly news program to be viewed by the student body

    • Students MUST be willing to be on camera
    • Students need to be creative and willing to work hard AND WANT TO BE ON CAMERA!


  1. Lizzie Chu
  2. Brynelle Puffenbarger
  3. Nadia Martin
  4. Olivia Good
  5. Kiara Perez
  6. Mercedes Guzy
  7. Janelle Dinges
  8. Mason Cubbage
  9. Aisling Williams
  10. Emilee Weakley
  11. Lauren Good
  12. Darren Vaughn
  13. Hunter Osborne
  14. Lindsay Bly

Check Out Our Latest Episodes

Our first episode of Spike's Scoop was released on Wednesday, October 18th!

November's Edition was released on November 15th.

December's Edition will be released on December 20th! Stay Tuned!


November's Edition of Spike's Scoop