NJHS Requirements at LMS

What are the requirements now that I am inducted as a member of NJHS?

  • To attend the official NJHS meetings twice a month, every other Thursday during CSI/Advisory period. You may only have 2 legal absences.
  • Legal absences are excused absences from school or make-up work requested by a teacher. Playing a game in CSI, hanging out with friends in CSI, or dodgeball is not a legal absence.
  • To join a committee and actively participate in that committee by attending weekly meetings and participate in the service projects of the committee.
  • Maintain a 3.5 GPA. (To be reviewed at the end of each 9 weeks.)
  • Complete a minimum of 8 community service/ school improvement hours.
  • Complete 15 boxes on the Step It Up Log.
  • Turn in 25 boxtops on Box Top log.
  • Receive no referrals. Any Flagrant violation (fighting, drugs, stealing, etc.) resulting in suspension: automatic revocation of membership.

Step It Up Log

  • Being a member of NJHS, means that you “step it up” not just every now and then, but everyday. Being in NJHS means that you’re a leader in this school. You stand out from the crowd. You take it to the next level with your respect, your helpfulness, your consideration, your integrity. You are a role model for others in the building, showing them what a REAL leader looks like.
  • With the step it up sheet, there are 35 tasks to complete. You are required to complete 15 of them. (Seriously that’s like 2 a month!) After you complete an item, have the corresponding adult initial it for you. Items completed on the step it up sheet cannot be counted as school improvement or community service hours. Meaning you can’t count tasks twice.
  • Most of these tasks can be done during CSI, or at home. You are required to make arrangements yourself and let your CSI teacher know that you are completing an NJHS assignment if you will be out of the room. A true leader knows how to communicate effectively, plan ahead, and be considerate.

What if I do not maintain the ideals of NJHS after induction?

  • It is expected that active members of NJHS continually strive for excellence in scholarship, leadership, service, citizenship, and character.
  • If the ideals within any of these categories should become a concern, the member will receive a warning and/or be placed on probationary status.
  • If the violation of the ideals continues, the member may be considered for dismissal from NJHS.
  • Please keep in mind if you are dismissed from NJHS you MAY NOT reapply EVER again! THIS INCLUDES NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY AT THE HIGH SCHOOL!! Dismissal is serious! You also may not claim NJHS on any future application OR any of the activities completed.

Community Service/ School Improvement

  • Service - Service consists of a student’s selfless and consistent involvement and voluntary commitment of time and energy to a program outside of the school day that benefits a community/non-profit organization.
  • Completing community service and school improvement projects are mandated in order to be an active participant in NJHS.
  • *NJHS members are obligated to complete a minimum of 2 hours of community service and 2 hours of a school improvement project, for a total of 8 hours! (The additional 4 hours can be in the area of their choice.)
  • Your hours do not need to be completed all at one time, nor all at the same location.
  • Your community service hours and log must be completed and returned to Mrs. Litten in Room 211 no later than June 1st by 3:15 p.m.

Please see Mrs. Litten, if you have any questions!