Keystones: Technology Innovators

Nominations for Keystones 2019 are now closed.

Check back in the fall of 2019 for information about nominating for the class of 2020!

The Keystones Technology Innovators is a state-wide program that celebrates model teachers throughout Pennsylvania. These teachers bring new ideas, best practices and innovative ways of innovating with technology to capture the imaginations of students in classrooms
Through a rigorous selection process, 100 Keystones will be selected by PAECT regional teams to attend the week-long Summit in July. Keystones STARS (State Technology Advocates Redefining Schools) are influential within their schools and districts when it comes to teaching and learning.
Be a proud sponsor of Keystones STARS Summit in July! The Keystones Summit is led by PAECT, a non-profit organization dedicated to making a difference in teaching and learning using technology in the classroom. All donations can be made to PAECT, a registered 501(3)c entity.

KTI Summit Donors

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