About The Librarians

Andrew Parson

Andrew Parson arrived at Packer in 1999 in a neatly wrapped gift box from the New York Public Library. Since then, he has connected hundreds of students with wonderful books, found that missing Cleopatra biography (in the exact spot it belonged) at least sixty times, and lobbied (unsuccessfully!) for a library crocodile pit. His hobbies include:

  • Shushing noisy seniors
  • Glaring over the rim of his glasses at anyone who asks how to cite Wikipedia
  • Knowing full-well that you are trying to sneak a Dos Toros burrito bowl into the library

Sadie King-Hoffmann

No, I don't know when the next Scythe book is coming out.


Forbes is the Blackburne Library's Senior Mascot. Although originally hired to menace students who have overdue library books, Forbes has given into his softer side and happily accepts snuggles and ear rubs from the library's regular patrons. Irregular patrons should proceed at their own risk.


Assistant Library Mascot Rex can often be found in the stacks gnawing on volumes of contemporary poetry that haven't been contemporary since 1952. He wishes the librarians would get their act together with the literature section. Secret passion: anything by David Foster Wallace.