Popcorn Fundraising

2019 Important Dates:

Turn-in Night: Oct 29th

Pick-up: Nov 9th

Online Fundraising: How it Works

Pack 284 Popcorn 2019.pdf

Product Sheet

Shareable Booth Instructions.pdf

Booth Instructions

Wagon Sale Directions.pdf

Wagon Sale Instructions


Q: When will there be show and sales listed for registration?

A: All Show & Sales are posted and available for sign up on the Trails End App

Q: How do I sign up for Show and Sells?

A: All shifts are in the app. Click Storefront, then click Upcoming to see all shifts. Scroll to find the shift you want. Click the green arrow to claim the shift and it will now be in your My Shifts. Remember, opening shifts include picking up product at Jason’s and closing shifts include returning product after.

Q: How do I access a Show and Sell sale?

A: Your scout would have needed to sign up for the shift. To begin, click Storefront during the shift and the selling page will be active. Please see the downloadable Booth Instructions for screenshots of the sale process.

Q: How will my scout get credit for Show and Sells?

A: For each Show and Sell, any of the scouts that signed up for a shift can process in the app. Once the day has ended, the sales from the whole day is split evenly for all the scouts who attended their shift.

Q: Why is my scout not in Pack 284?

A: If you have not made any sales, go to Settings > Change Unit. It should read; Council: Cradle of Liberty, District: Constellation, Unit: Pack 284. You may have to log out/in, uninstall/download the app, and clear your cache and stored data (please search online for your specific phone instructions). If you made sales under another unit, please email support@trails-end.com for them to shift your scout over.

Q: What if I have multiple scouts?

A: You will need to create an account for each with different usernames but use the same email address.

Q: How can I toggle between both my scouts?

A: Once the accounts are created, log into the first scout (do not use Remember Me) then find the little down arrow at the top near their name. Clicking this will open the list of names and the option to Sign in again. Sign in your next scout and repeat to see all your scouts listed. Now you can toggle between them if each want to record their own sales.

Q: If we do door to door sales, do we have to login in back and forth for each scout?

A: You can log in to one scout's account, do all your sales, and then email Jason (joellis@hotmail.com) to have the money split between the scouts after the fact.

Q: How can I split or share the sales between my scouts?

A: Each will need their own account. By Oct 29, email Jason the Popcorn Kernel how you would like the sales split.

Q: Why is the inventory negative?

A: When you do a Wagon Sale, be sure to click the button so it will read UNDELIVERED. You can change this in the View Order Details page. On the app click Wagon Sale, then the blue button ORDERS (under the dollar figure), next click the three dots under Action on the customer’s line. You will find the DELIVERED button to click and change to UNDELIVERED. Please note, Military Donations will be negative and are not marked UNDELIVERED. Trails-End will fulfill these and process accordingly.

Q: What are the credit card fees?

A: Trail’s End is waiving all credit card fees for using the app.

Q: Why can’t I use a credit card?

A: If the app prompts you to allow location, microphone, storage, you will need to allow these settings. If you go into your Settings>Apps>Trails-End, you can allow these permissions. Please search online for your specific phone instructions. Also make sure your WIFI or data connection is good.

Q: Why is the square swipe not working?

A: Check the permissions described in ‘Why can’t I use a credit card?’ above. Try the swipe both ways and at a different speed. Try to take the card manually. If it took it manually, check that the square is properly connected. Please search online for your specific phone adaptor needs. Most androids have a mic jack, but iPhone uses an adaptor into the power cord slot.

Q: What information do I use to register?

A: See the attached photo below for that info.

Q: I already registered and I picked the wrong unit, what to do now?

A: This can be fixed; under the menu in the upper left hand corner of the app is a “change unit” option. Attached is a screen shot for help with that, too.

Registration Information

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