Mrs. Orr

¡Hola! ¿Qué tal? How's it going?

Welcome to the wonderful world of online learning! I'll be learning this new way of teaching while you are learning this new way of learning. You might think that it's impossible to learn to speak a language outside of a face to face setting, but I completed my French degree via distance education. There will be opportunities to interact, and fun to be had along the way!

Here are the codes to our Google Classrooms. Most of you are already a part of them, but I'll post them here just in case someone is not.

For Spanish 10 students: I've created a separate classroom for the Heritage Learners (Hispanohablantes), because I think it will be less confusing. Sometimes both classes will work on the same things and sometimes the work will be different.

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Spanish 10 Heritage Learners 6aajo5x

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