Performance Assessments on Google Classroom

How do I join Google Classroom?

Google classroom is an application that allows students to submit video performance assessments online. To join google classroom, follow the instructions below.

  1. Go to
  2. Sign in to your school google account by selecting "sign in" in the upper right corner of the google homepage.
  3. Enter your school email and password for your school google account. You must use your school google account (you cannot use a personal google account). Your school email is your student ID number For example, if my student ID number is 12345, then my school email address is Your school password is: password
  4. Once you have successfully logged into your google account, select the menu icon (a square with 9 small boxes). Then select "classroom". If the classroom logo does not appear, you may have to select "more" to open up more applications.
  5. Once inside of google classroom, select the plus (+) icon in the upper right, and select join class.
  6. Classroom codes are found below. Copy and paste the classroom code, then select "join". Be sure to copy the correct code, or you will be enrolled in the incorrect class!

Google Classroom Codes

  • Beginner Band: 44oe0d1
  • Beginner Orchestra: 2kj8dow
  • 7th Grade Band: nglpk6j
  • 7th Grade Orchestra: ogifw46
  • 8th Grade Band: d4eweg
  • 8th Grade Orchestra: 5up941

How do I submit a Performance Assessment?

  1. Log onto google classroom
  2. Select your music class
  3. Select the assessment you wish to complete
  4. Select add, then select file
  5. Touch “select files from your computer”
    • If you are recording your assessment video on a computer, you must pre-record your video, save it onto your computer, and find the video file to upload.
    • If you are using a phone or tablet, you may either record a video assessment at this point by touching “take photo or video” OR you may upload a previously recorded video by touching “photo library”
  6. Select upload
  7. Select submit
  8. Select turn in

Performance Assessment Requirements

  • Only video recorded tests will be accepted. Audio only assessments will not be accepted.
  • The recording must be one complete uninterrupted performance of the assessment. Do not stop and start over within a recording. If you need to start over, restart the recording. Edited/pasted audio/video will not be accepted.
  • All Players: Make sure that the recording device is not too close to the instrument. Doing so may cause the recording device to peak, distorting the quality of the audio. It’s a good idea to test the position of the recording device, play a small sample, and check the quality of the audio prior to recording the playing assessment.
  • Percussion: Percussion must submit video recordings. Ensure that sticking is clearly visible in the recording.
  • Send video recording file to Mr. Leslie’s through google classroom.