Multimedia @ OzU

Interested in Multimedia Systems and Applications?

I am seeking motivated students to work on a number of projects in the multimedia space. The projects involve both research and development components. Expected outcomes include at least one of the following: a prototype or product, research and standards contributions, and patent applications.

The projects naturally require certain knowledge and skills:

  • Math, (not so big) data processing, analysis and visualization, analytical thinking

  • Networking and internet technologies

  • Media coding and packaging tools

  • Coding with native, scripting and Web languages (in particular C, Python, Java and JavaScript)

  • Testing, debugging and open-source tools

If you are not familiar with or experienced in any of the above, but are still willing to learn quickly, get in touch with me and we will try to come up with a plan for you. There is almost no sense to work on a project, if you are not interested in the subject or passionate enough about it, no matter how brilliant you are.

Needless to mention, you should have good writing, communications and teamwork skills, too.

Both undergraduate and graduate students are welcome to apply thru email. In return for your efforts, you will learn new cool stuff, have fun and acquire a good experience, which might lead to a good internship or full-time employment opportunity, and you might even get paid upon demonstrating a good performance. MS/PhD students will receive all the salary/benefits OzU provides (and maybe more depending on the project).

Dr. Ali C. Begen - ali.begen AT