CCCSD 2020-2021 School Year

Last Updated: July 27, 2020

Crockett County CCSD continues to monitor the spread of COVID-19, while receiving regular updates and guidance from local, state and federal agencies. With so much uncertainty, we want to ensure our parents have some choice in the educational opportunities for their students.

Crockett CCSD will offer both on-campus and virtual instruction during the 2020-2021 school year and parents will have the option to choose which model is best for their students. Below are an overview of the two learning models, or follow the links below for detailed information on the differences between on-campus and virtual instruction.

The primary parent or guardian of registered Crockett County CCSD students will need to complete a 2020-2021 School Year Commitment Form to indicate if their student(s) will participate in on-campus or virtual instruction for the 2020-2021 school year. The commitment form is available at registration and needs to be completed by 11:59 p.m. on August 9.

Overview of Instructional Choices

Overview of On-Campus Instruction

  • All students and staff will be screened for COVID-19 symptoms regularly and individuals who present with symptoms will be separated and sent home.

  • The use of face coverings will be determined by health recommendations: Facemask will be classified as Required, or Optional.The disease activity level will be updated and communicated to families.

  • Class size will depend on the number of students who choose to participate in on-campus instruction. Desks or tables will be socially distanced as much as instructionally possible.

  • Student transitions may be staggered to limit the number of people in common areas (hallways, cafeterias, gyms, restrooms, etc.) at one time.

  • Hand sanitizer will be readily available and thorough hand washing will be encouraged.

  • Staff will limit the use of shared supplies when possible and have access to disinfectant wipes to sanitize high-touch and working surfaces, as well as shared objects.

  • Students requiring transportation will sit no more than two students per seat and are required to wear a face covering while on the bus.

Overview of Virtual Instruction

  • Based upon the guidance from the State, the virtual instruction option will require a higher level of rigor, workload and time commitment from the virtual learning that occurred in the spring of 2020.

  • Virtual instruction will require support from caring adults at home and within the online classroom environment.

  • Virtual instruction will follow the schedule of classes at the student’s home campus (secondary) or daily time expectations per content area (elementary).

  • The virtual instruction schedule will require students to participate in asynchronous (online without real-time interaction) and synchronous (real-time) online learning.

  • Each day, students will engage in daily lessons, activities and assignments in all classes in order to be marked present for the day.

  • Grading for all virtual courses will follow the same grading policy as the courses in the on-campus model.

  • Due to the rigor and participation expectations of virtual instruction, each student will need to pick up their school chromebook and have access to high-speed internet at home.

  • Students who participate in virtual instruction may have access to "grab and go" meals.