Youth Leading The World - Sierra Leone

Youth in Sierra Leone have been participating in the Youth Leading the World (YLTW) since 2020. YLTW is an initiative of OzGREEN Australia, working in partnership with Climate Change & Consciousness.

To date 20 local facilitators have been trained in Sierra Leone and 300 young people have participated in YLTW. These young people have undertaken projects they have designed themselves, to tackle the challenges of most concern to them:

  • Sensitisation program in 5 schools to raise awareness about the impacts of climate change.

  • Planting 1200 trees in local schools involving local students.

  • Sensitisation programs about deforestation with farmers in Makeni district.

  • Site visits and community interviews with families worst affected by floods in Freetown district.

  • Working with a schools to plan and build school based vegetable gardens.

  • Emergency food relief in local communities during recent lock-downs

In 2022 they established a local NGO – Youth Leading the World – Sierra Leone.

Youth Leading the World - Sierra Leone (YLTW-SL) is dedicated to uniting youth in Sierra Leone to tackle the major challenges of deforestation, climate change and poverty. YLTW-SL is focused on 3 priority activities:

  • Unite Youth - conduct and expand youth leadership programs.

  • Reforestation, food security and involve youth in regenerative agriculture - establish village-based plant propagation facilities, growing trees, establish village food gardens.