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We're experimenting with Google Classroom. Your teacher or HLTA may set you work using Google Classroom - you can access it by clicking the icon to the right.

While logged into your account, your internet access is filtered using RM Buzz. If there is an educational website that you wish to access that is currently blocked, please tell your teacher who will arrange for it to be unblocked.

Please read our acceptable use guide:

ALICE and Google Apps acceptable use form for students.docx

Zooniverse Research

Join in with real-life scientific research in our "Zooniverse" week (2nd - 6th July) y scanning photos online.

Try any of these projects. Click "Get Started" or "Classify" to get going. Instructions are all there. Let's do as much as we can around the school!

  1. Penguin Watch
  2. Seabird Watch
  3. Orangutan Nest Watch
  4. Floating Forests
  5. Cyclone Centre

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  • Username: OxonHS
  • Password: July2018

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