Grade 6 Summer Reading Projects!

Welcome to Grade 6 ELA!

You have an exciting year awaiting you.

Let's Get Started!

Below are the list of the 2019 Nutmeg Book Nominees.

1. Click on each title to preview each summary, trailer, and tasks.

2. Make your choice of 2 books.

3. Complete 2 of the 3 tasks associated with each book.

4. Store all electronic Google tasks in your Google Drive.

5. Read the directions for FlipGrid below

Be sure to list only your first name, and the title of your book should be the last name

You can record this on any device! You just need a microphone and a camera! If you use a phone or tablet, you will need to download the free app.

Use the PASSWORD GreatOak

You will find the grid using this link:

FlipGrid Link

If at any point you need the CODE it is : bb48d7

All FlipGrid tasks will be stored on the FlipGrid site.

6. Any handwritten drawings should be brought to school the during the first week.