Owasso 6th Grade STEM

In this class, we aim to grow in our

  • knowledge of STEM and problem solving abilities

  • soft skills, social skills, and emotional awareness

  • knowledge of life and long-term flourishing

Essential questions for learning

What do we want learn this semester? Creates student choice with projects and learning.

How will I demonstrate my learning? Students will create projects, discuss findings, and present the final project. Learning checkpoints will also occur with each module.

What will I do if I do not understand concepts or material? Students will learn to self advocate when understanding is difficult through student and teacher communication, research, and learning checkpoints.

What do I do if I have already learned the material? Students will accept all learning in STEM with open arms, even if the material is not new to them. This open and positive mindset will elevate student learning beyond a basic understanding to mastery of STEM skills.