4th Grade Math


Week of January 14th


Review Equivalent and Simplifying fractions

  • Homework - Finish both worksheets if not finished in class
  • Quiz Tuesday


Quiz and Lesson 6.6

  • Homework - Textbook pages 363-364


Lesson 6.4

  • Homework - Textbook pages349-350


Lesson 6.7

  • Homework - Textbook pages 369-370


Comparing Fractions

  • Homework - Use some of the resources below

*** Assignments are subject to change



Below is a copy of our textbook. It is a PDF document, and the pages of the document to NOT correspond to the page numbers of the actual textbook. If you add 18 to the assigned page number(s) that should print the correct page(s). Please double check to make sure you are printing the correct page(s).

Student Edition_G4.pdf

Think Central

Click the above link to access your Think Central account with your user name and password.

Then go to My Library for helpful resources like the following:

      • Student Edition eBook, G4 - Pages from your textbook
      • Go Math! Interactive Student Edition, G4 - Teaches (or reteaches) the lesson interactively and includes practice problems
      • Mega Math - Games to practice various math skills

First in Math

Click the above like to access your First in Math account with your user name and password. This program helps students acquire, reinforce, and retain essential math skills. Student progress on Very Important Facts is used for their fact fluency grade on the report card.

Khan Academy

Click the above link to access your Khan Academy account with your Google user name (ending in @ovsdpa.org) and password. Khan Academy offers practice exercises, instructional videos, and a personalized learning dashboard that empower learners to study at their own pace in and outside of the classroom.

Prodigy Game

This website will not be used until near the end of the school year.

Click on the above link to access the game with your user name and password. This program incorporates the math curriculum into a video game format that appeals to most students. Prodigy is free to use. It is NOT necessary to pay to become a member.


Check your student's grades with Parent Home Access

  • Your user name and password was sent home at the beginning of the year - Contact the office if you still need it