Resources & Testing

Testing for Mold In Your Space

  • Look no further than the HERTSMI-2 and ERMI dust sample tests. You can find them at Envirobiomics or Mycometrics for about $150-300.
    • A cloth will arrive in the mail. You will take the sample yourself with a few back-and-forth swipes.
  • More details and how to read the report, via the Biotoxin Journey website.
  • We do not recommend air sampling as it is not reliable and will mis-represent your environment's problem. Here's why by Dr. Richie Shoemaker (short video).
  • For much more information on mold and testing, please visit this thorough and well-organized website, momsAWARE

Tips for Finding a Certified Remediator

  • Target Indoor Environmental Professionals (IEPs) in your area at
  • Look for ACAC candidates that carry CIEC and CMC certifications.
  • Look for remediation professionals with CMRS and CMR certifications. Learn more about ACAC certification here.

Testing for Mold in Your Body

  • VCS Vision Test (free, accurate for adults and children)
  • Clusters Test (free, accurate for adults and children. See below)
  • Labs, blood work - find a doctor who will test for genetic markers for inflammation caused by biotoxin illness.