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With referrals to the best mold specialists in health and building remediation, an individual, family or business can get their health back. With research and support from the integrative medical field, links to many other resources, and my personal experience, we can guide you on your way to feeling like yourself again and getting your life back.

Businesses and the health of their employees can benefit greatly from these services.

Your liaison between doctors, remediators, resources and all things mold.

The various symptoms you have been feeling recently or for years are not "all in your head." From, "What is CIRS?" to, "How do I get my life back?" and, "What's the best mold test for my home or office?" I help to answer your questions before and after your visit to the doctor, or your quote from the remediator. More...


Integrative medical doctors are finding the answers to the CIRS puzzle. Patients who have suffered from toxic mold exposure are speaking out and sharing their stories and independent research. Find tips to remediators and doctors, guides, comprehensive websites, supplements, and FaceBook groups to join. There is a toxic mold world right under your fingertips, ready to assist you. More...


"Discovering mold in our home made us feel very vulnerable and it was comforting to have an independent expert to inform us and assess our situation. Amy at Overcome Mold was able to refer us to multiple testing agencies and abatement contractors who were qualified to professionally address our situation promptly. We highly recommend Amy's services as an expert on mold. She helped us save valuable time and gave us confidence that we were hiring the services that would address our particular issue successfully."

Jill, Evanston, IL

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