Medical Equipment


Over-Watch Group are pleased to offer First Field Dressings in boxes of 10.

Military Personnel Camo Packaging

Offers Amazing Absorption of Fluid

Adds pressure to the wound

Vacuum Compressed Packing

Labelled with Full Instructions

Advanced Absorbency Protection

Packaged in box's of 10.

The Military version is packaged to allow for the specialized environment in which it is likely to be used. The package itself is manufactured from a waterproof fabric that protects the dressing under extreme conditions. Thoughtful design is evident from the distinctive green camouflage packaging, a color that is carried through to the dressing itself allowing a serious wound to be dressed and camouflaged simultaneously. A single use, sterile product, carefully designed for a serious job.

Sizes: 10cm x 19cm and 20cm x 19cm

Both are packaged in 10's

Prices: 10cm x 19cm £ 57.60

20cm x 19cm £ 77.76

VAT included. Not postage, add £10.00

Individual Military Kit

in Military Bag

Contents effectively treat:

• Airway Obstruction

• Open Chest Wounds

• Catastrophic Bleeding

• Skeletal Injuries

• Hypothermia


1 Celox Haemostatic Gauze Roll 10ft

1 Chest Seal

1 EuroSplint, 11cm x 90cm

1 Gauze Roll, Kerlix 11.4cm x 3.7m

2 Gloves (Pairs)

1 Guedel Airway 3, Yellow

1 Guedel Airway 4, Red

1 Lubricating Jelly, 5g Sachet

1 Nasopharnygeal Airway, Size 6

1 Nasopharnygeal Airway, Size 7

1 Survival Blanket, Blizzard

1 Tape, Zinc Oxide 5cm x 5m

1 Tourniquet, Combat Application

1 TraumaFix Military Dressing, 20cm x 19cm

2 Triangular Bandage, 90cm x 127cm

1 Universal Shears

Over-Watch Group is a distributor for Reliance Medical Equipment.