Our authentic music film reflects the spirit of the times of the today's young generation. UFFIE is living the dream and at the same time fighting against her spiralling fear. Since beginning research, we were surprised to learn about the typical popstar lifestyle: psychological illnesses and drug abuse seem to be a part of the job. Commenting on the death of Whitney Houston, psychiatrist Borwin Bandelow noted that “It was not the fame that turned the singer into a psychic wreck – her illness made the success possible in the first place.”

In "Fuck Fame" we intend to make the audience sense UFFIE’s inner life. To ensure intimacy and flexibility, Robert Cibis filmed most of the situations alone (as he did with the award winning "PIANOMANIA").

Robert Cibis and Lilian Franck



Director Lilian FrankRobert Cibis
Producer Lilian Franck Robert Cibis

Creative Producer Madeleine Monshausen
WritersLilian Franck Robert Cibis
Cinematographer Robert Cibis Francesco GarboDaniela Knapp
EditorAmy Meyer
SoundRobert Cibis
MusicLex LaFoyDiscoCtrl
CastAnna Hartley Fabian Pianta Chris Colonna Mason Poole Niels Birbaumer


Film CategoryDocu-Fiction
Country of Origin Germany
Runtime80 minutes / 1:20:19
Countries of FilmingGermany FranceAustraliaUSA Great Britain
Film Languages: English
Aspect Ratio1:2,39 (16:9)
Screening Format2D DCP
Shooting FormatDigital 4KRED


LILIAN FRANCK with her superb taste for stories, she has had international success with many feature length documentaries.Before focusing on film, Lilian was the artsy girl in film school who made video installations and experimental films, studying at Filmakademie Baden Württemberg in Germany and at Le Fresnoy –Studio National Des Arts Contemporains in France. Lilian’s range of experience is broad. As well as having directed and produced several fly-on-the-wall documentaries (“Omen: 15 Hours of Techno”, "Jesus Loves You!", "Pianomania"), Lilian has developed a uniquely personal style. Her upcoming projects, "trustWHO", a rigorous exposé into the encroaching influence of private industry on the World Health Organization, and "Fuck Fame", an intimate portrait of electro-rap curio Uffie, demonstrate a deeply personal form of filmmaking. In this way, each of her films is both personal and politicized, allowing her to gesture towards her audience to an unprecedented degree. As she admits: “Each of my films is a contact ad”.

ROBERT CIBIS is, together with his partner Lilian Franck, the founder of OVALmedia. He is a producer and director of documentary and feature films and with over 20 years of experience in the field, as well as an MA from the Sorbonne Nouvelle in Paris, Robert has grown skilled in his film making. He was a co-recipient of the Ekotopfilm 2007 prize for the two-part documentary, “Disgustingly Healthy”, and one of his latest projects, "Pianomania" (Co-Director: Lilan Franck), had a theatrical release in more than 25 countries and won a number of national and international prizes, such as the Golden Gate award for Best Documentary at the San Francisco International Film Festival and the Critic's Week prize at Locarno Film Festival. Robert is now developing his work into a transmedia narrative universe, where he exploits the ever-changing media landscape to channel his expression into varied disciplines, from art installations and music to print media and audio-visual work. Robert sees himself as someone who brings people together to universal topics through gripping stories, and his vision is to change the world through narrative innovation.


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