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First things first - An explanation of the new GCSE in Modern Foreign Languages.

The New GCSE at a glance.docx

Please find below a comprehensive revision plan for each language. Stage 1: Each week focuses on revision of an individual topic and within this vocabulary; essential verb phrases; grammar and "how to .." exam skills. At the end of each topic students complete practice activities on all four skills.

Stage 2: ( as we get nearer to the exams) we revise a whole theme.

The plan is based on the CGP GCSE AQA Revision & Practice books .

A calendar of Key MFL exam dates. Handy to see at a glance when the exams are!

Parents' info eve - timeline.docx
GCSE French revision plan OAE - CGP
GCSE German revision plan OAE - CGP
GCSE Spanish revision plan OAE - CGP