Outward Bound Zimbabwe

Welcome to Outward Bound Zimbabwe's Website

Outward Bound Zimbabwe is a Registered Private Voluntary Organisation Reference PVO 21/67

Outward Bound Zimbabwe is a part of a larger licensee organisation, Outward Bound International, who we work closely with for quality assurance and transfer of international best practice to ensure we provide best in class adventure education and wilderness experiential learning.

We use experiential learning in the wilderness (adventucation) to give people amazing outdoor adventures and experiences to help them gain self-awareness, build resilience, social intelligence and confidence and thereby realize more of their potential.

Key Services

Teambuilding, Leadership Training and Development, Adventure Education, Expeditionary Education, Peacebuilding, DOE Adventurous Journey, Proto Course (high ropes / mountain rescue etc).


What does it mean to be resilient in a time like this?

What does it look like to face adversity and unknowns with the same confidence and undefeatable spirit of a voyageur setting off into uncharted waters?

We turn to what we know: to serve, to strive and not to yield.

We ground ourselves not in the singular ‘me,’ but in the plural ‘we.’

We remind ourselves there is far more in us than we know, and together, much can be accomplished—challenges can be overcome.

Contact us to find out more about small group / family expeditions as we emerge from Lockdown.

Courtesy of our friends at Outward Bound USA - with thanks