Team Building, hiking & Rock Climbing

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Outside Perspectives' customized one-day team building, hiking and rock climbing courses take place at locations local to each group. Place-based experiences connect and familiarize individuals to the parks and forests close to them increasing their personal accessibility for connection, relaxation, movement and fun.

Group leaders collaborate with Outside Perspectives to develop focused goals targeting specific skills development. Participants have opportunities to gain greater empathy, more effective communication, and improved leadership and followership qualities. Through increasingly challenging initiatives and activities, groups begin to realize their full potential becoming more bonded through completing common goals and adapting to each other's needs.

Our innovative process is adaptable to a variety of locations and age groups as the experience and improved skills apply to all aspects of human life -- school, home and work!

Contact Outside Perspectives to learn how to incorporate one-day courses and/or wilderness expeditions to expand the growth potential of your group!

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