If you are a participant or the parent of a participant going on an upcoming course or expedition, here are some resources for you.

Multi-Day Expedition

Summer Packing List

Participant Summer Packing List.pdf

One-Day Course

What should I bring?

  • Water bottle*
  • Snack & Lunch (unless provided)
  • Warm Layers*
  • Rain Jacket*
  • Shoes for being active outside

Note: Bring items you are ok to get dirty

*If you don't have starred items, Outside Perspectives will provide them.

We will send you necessary course forms via email. If you do not receive them, please contact your organization or Program & Development Coordinator

Liza Bocchichio



Multi-Day Expedition

One-Day Course

If you have filled out One-Day Paperwork less then one year ago and are now going on an expedition, please use supplemental paperwork.

For expedition participants please reference our Participant Agreement before going on your trip. A copy can also be found in your paperwork.

If you need to bring medications on an expedition, Dr.'s orders are required. If you do not have them please ask your Dr.'s office to fill out this form.