Volunteering with outside perspective is a rewarding way to use your strengths and interests in the outdoors to teach and mentor at-risk or underprivileged youth. Volunteers can provide direct instruction or support to our programs, and offer an opportunity to directly help our local service organizations in a way that is fun, meaningful, and valued. Whether you volunteer for one day, or become a regular, we are excited to help you find opportunities that you feel great about.

volunteer belayers

  • Looking for experienced climbers wanting to introduce youth to outdoor climbing and give back to the outdoor community.

  • Background check required (free of charge).

program volunteers

Program volunteers typically participate in one-day programs, though opportunities may be available on expeditions. As a volunteer, you can expect to have a clear sense of your responsibilities, and that we will work with you to find a role that you are passionate about.

We are happy to discuss different partner agencies, different expected outcomes, and different roles available to help you find a volunteer position that feels right. Volunteers often bring incredible passion, insight, and energy to programs, and our youth are better for it!

Some volunteers prefer to get right into the action, and lead some group activities! That's great, and we'll be glad to show you how to do the initiatives for the day.

Some volunteers prefer to manage the details, and enjoy logistics, or group management. This excellent ability can be put to good use!

Some volunteers want to teach a special skill, such as snowshoeing, edible plant identification, shelter building, or wilderness art. Bring your passion!

However you want to volunteer, we would love to help you enrich the lives of youth throughout New England, and in your backyard.

join the board

Become a Board Member: Click the link to learn more about how to become a board member, what it entails, and why is might be exactly the right fit for you.

For other potential Volunteer Opportunities contact us at info@outsideperspectives.org