Global Association for the Advancement of Investors (GAAI)

Mission Statement

Mission Statement

The Global Association for the Advancement of Investors (GAAI) is an association exclusively of plan sponsors, who have an interest in improving the investment process. GAAI aims to be an intellectual think tank where sharing experiences and ideas can improve the philosophy and investment processes of its members.

The objectives of GAAI are as follows:

  1. To create a association network of plan sponsors from across the world who can share ideas on subjects of mutual interest. In order to create a situation where there is no misalignment, we aim only to have members from end investors such as government and corporate pension plans, insurance companies, and endowments.
  2. To foster innovation of new ideas and be an intellectual think tank in the area.
  3. To create forums where the plan sponsor community can share learning between themselves and learn from others in academia and research.
  4. To generate momentum from a plan sponsor perspective to increase market efficiency in the business model of asset managers.

GAAI does not aim to be a lobby group for regulatory purposes, a forum which combines hedge fund managers, consultants and plan sponsors, a public conference organiser, an academic journal publisher, a formal training or certification institute.

Take a look at our attached position paper for more detail on how to achieve this. GAAI Position Paper - August 2008 .