Have you been injured due to the fault of another?

I have seen the effects an injury can have on a persons' life. It is not all physical. An injured person can sometimes become depressed thinking about the road to recovery or sometimes the prospects of living out life with their condition. A lot of insurance companies use computer systems to evaluate claims such as "Colossus". I can't help but suspect this and other similar accident evaluation programs were designed to limit the value of claims. I see it as my job to take my client's case out of colossus. My client is never a statistic but instead person who usually would pay 5 times the amount demanded for the injury to have never occurred. That is what I try to impress on the insurance company, the opposing attorney, and ultimately the jury, if it goes that far.

R. Brian Ousley, J.D

Case Results:

  • In October of 2016, we were honored to successfully represent a very nice lady from Henderson who was offered one thousand dollars by an Insurance Company after her husband was killed in a tragic car / bicycle accident. The offer was based on a very limited investigation and subsequent conclusion that our client was at fault. After conducting a thorough investigation, we are happy to report that we obtained policy limits for our client. While this was a drop in the bucket compared to her loss, she feels vindicated in that the claim was properly investigated and the record set straight when the drivers insurance company paid its policy limits. This money will also go a long way in helping our client manage her property and chores going forward.