We take special pride in providing quality legal representation to my small business clients in Western Kentucky. I like them to think of me as part of their team and I approach it from that perspective. Being a small businessman myself, I understand the challenges. The legal services I provide for businesses include but are not limited to:

    • formation of a legal entity (LLC, S Corp, Inc., etc)
    • Contracts (including purchases and sales of existing business)
    • Customer Contracts, Order forms, purchase orders, etc.
    • Collections of past due accounts.
    • Business Disputes / Business litigation
    • Business Dissolution
    • Business Bankruptcy


Should I hire internet company XYZ to form my LLC for $199.00?

The short answer is No. The reason the answer is No depends. There are experienced businessmen who don't need an attorney to form a new single owner LLC. If the business itself is something they are experienced with, and they have handled similar business matters with the state and federal government before and are familiar with those websites and processes. The answer is "no" for this person because he can handle this simple filing of the forms himself for less than $199.00.

However, for most people, starting a business is more likely only a once or twice in a lifetime type occurrence. It is in this persons best interest to have someone in his corner from the start, to make sure the right entity is chosen, the entity is properly registered with all necessary agencies, not just the state. You often see the internet ad for form your new LLC for $199 or something like that. But what the ad doesnt tell you is that you can have an LLC legally formed and registered with the Sec of State and not be at all ready to transact business.

I don't just file standard Articles of Organization through the States website and call it concluded like the large pre-packaged legal form providers. I speak to the client(s) personally to understand the new or existing business, its goals, concerns, and challenges. I then serve as its attorney throughout the process of formation including obtaining local licenses, registration with IRS and Dept of Revenue in addition to the Sec of State. Often the formation of a business will include a contract purchase of an existing business, or the negotiation of a long term lease, a construction contract or some other contractual matter. I assist my business clients with all of the above. . After representation of a company throughout the formation and start of the business, I consider myself the attorney for the company and make myself available for phone calls and questions whenever needed.


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