TK-5 FOSS Logistics for Teacher Leaders

Before FOSS Rotation

As Science Teacher Leader, you support site-level logistics for FOSS rotation, including making sure kits are packed and ready for FOSS rotation, assigning boxes to teachers, supporting teachers in the process of electronically ordering missing materials after rotation.

1-2 Weeks Before FOSS Rotation

Provide all teachers with the FOSS Rotation Checklist

Provide all teachers with an Inventory Form

Teacher FOSS Rotation Check List 2018-19

Week of FOSS Rotation

Make sure all boxes are organized and ready to go by 8:30 AM on your rotation day! Alert your office staff. Boxes should be stacked:

  • In a central location
  • Easy access for vans and carts. (Hallways work great)
  • Barcodes & handles facing out
  • Stacked by grade AND by box

The Correct Way to Stack your Boxes

By Grade, By Box

How NOT to Stack your Boxes

By Grade, NOT by Box

After Receiving Kits

Step 1: Assign kits to classroom teachers BEFORE letting teachers take boxes to their classrooms

Here's how to assign kits using the Salesforce app on your mobile device

OUSD FOSS Salesforce Directions - Requesting Missing Items MOBILE VERSION

Here's how to assign kits to teachers using your Chromebook or laptop

OUSD FOSS Salesforce Directions - Requesting Missing Items DESKTOP VERSION

Step 2: Remind teachers to inventory their kits within 2 weeks of rotation to request missing items

Technical Challenges or Ideas for Improvement? Give us your feedback!

Ordering Live Organisms

OUSD centrally orders and delivers live organisms to each site as a part of the Life Science FOSS modules. This ensures all students receive full access to the science curriculum, as well as saving around $70,000 per year by buying in bulk.

Orders for live organism are placed by the Lead Science Teacher. Click on the FOSS Live Organism Ordering Instructions for detailed directions and links to place the orders.

Live Organism Order Instructions

Transitional Kindergarten (TK) Science

Science learning begins at birth, as we first start to explore the world around us. Even our youngest elementary students can engage in meaningful science experiences. Click here for guidance on science instruction in TK.

TK Science Instructional Materials Memo 2018-19