Science Times Newsletter

The OUSD Science Times is a monthly newsletter that highlights science events and happenings in our district. The OUSD Science Times is organized into four reoccurring segments: Curriculum Updates, Pedagogy Spotlight, Opportunities, and Professional Development. Each individual portion includes relevant information to inspire teaching practices and cultivate a strong sense of community and support.

Curriculum Updates:

The Curriculum Updates portion of the OUSD Science Times provides insight on the progression of the OUSD NGSS-aligned curriculum being implemented in classrooms across the district. Summaries of the current, ongoing units for 6th-grade through Bio9 are highlighted along with NGSS-related practices and skills. This section of the newsletter allows OUSD science educators to see what content and skills other grade levels are currently covering.

Pedagogy Spotlight:

The Pedagogy Spotlight portion of the OUSD Science Times highlights individual teachers and their practice. This portion of the newsletter provides an opportunity for teachers to see what's happening in other classrooms throughout the district and celebrates teachers' growth and accomplishments.


The Opportunities portion of the OUSD Science Times provides a current list of monthly education resources that educators can utilize. Opportunities range from monthly workshops to free field trip information to competitions and grant opportunities.

Professional Development:

The Professional Development portion of the OUSD Science Times highlights a current list of monthly Professional Developments being provided for Bay Area science educators. This segment of the newsletter suggests PDs head by both the district and other outside organizations.

2018-10 Oakland Science Times