OUSD NGSS-aligned Curriculum Scope and Sequence

The following OUSD curriculum scope and sequence documents were developed over the past few years by OUSD teacher leaders in alignment with the California version of the Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS). Note that some of the units and documents are incomplete and/or not available to teachers outside of Oakland.

Units are backwards mapped from the Summative Task. Units are driven by an Essential Question and Anchor Phenomenon. The unit ends with a Summative Task that captures all aspects of 3-dimensional learning, collaboration, and literacy skills. Students revisit the curriculum features (Anchor Phenomenon, Anchor Text, and Unit Rubric) throughout the unit.‚Äč

Advanced Placement resources and curriculum guides are available from the College Board Web Site.

OUSD will be reviewing curriculum materials from the leading publishers in NGSS curriculum for grades 6,7, and 8. AP Courses (Bio, Chem, Physics, and Environmental Science) will be reviewing textbooks from the AP approved list.

6-8 NGSS Curriculum Pilot - Overview
AP Science Textbook Pilot - Overview

High School Textbooks

The following textbooks were adopted in April 2007 for the various high school courses. Textbooks and teacher materials can be found at school site.