Medieval Times

Meet the Teacher

My name is Erica Haimbaugh, I'm so excited to start my third year as the third-grade teacher at OLS!

I can't think of anything else I would rather do than teach in a Catholic school, and I hope to share my love of faith and learning with your children.

Specials Schedule

Library: Monday

P.E.: Tuesday and Friday

Art: Wednesday

Music: Thursday

Welcome to Third Grade at Our Lady School

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Overview of the First Semester


Students will learn about the physical sciences, including Newton's Laws, simple machines, and sound energy. Unit two will cover earth and space sciences, such as rocks, minerals, and fossils.

Virtues and Theology:

Our Life with Jesus, Disciple of Christ

Students will walk through salvation history in order to more deeply understand Christ and His ministry.


Student will learn the Anima Christi, as well as the Beatitudes.


Prima Latina (Memoria Press)

Students will be introduced to around seventy-five Latin vocabulary words and phrases, as well as recognize verbs and nouns in Latin in order to build a strong base for later years.

History, Geography, and Civics:

Social Studies Weekly

Students will learn geography, Indiana history, and basic economics.


Reading Wonders; Animal Folk Tales of America; Beatrix Potter; Prairie School, D'Aulaires Greek Mythology

Students will read various stories, primarily folktales and mythology, and discuss how the stories people tell reveal that which is essential to humanity.

Grammar, Vocabulary, and Composition:

Well-Ordered Language, Level 1 (Classical Academic Press), Writing and Rhetoric (Classical Academic Press)

Students will read and write fables and folktales, focusing on either expanding or condensing famous stories like The Mouse and the Lion in order to develop and hone writing skills.


Ready Math, Book 3

Students will learn multiplication, division, word problems, and place value.