Pupil Support ASN

Every young person gets help at school with their learning. However, sometimes a young person needs more, or different, support so they can get the most from their education. Your child may need extra support at school for a wide variety of reasons, it may only be required for a short period of time or throughout their school career. Vale of Leven Academy’s Additional Support Needs Department provides a range of targeted support for pupils based on their specific needs, in addition to guidance and advice to parents, carers and other staff.

Our responsibilities include:

· One-to-one and small group tutorials

· In-class support

· Whole school staff development/training

· Collaborating with partner agencies

· Management of Staged Intervention and Educational Support Plans (ESPs) SQA Alternative Assessment Arrangements

For more information on Additional Support for Learning in schools please follow the links below.


John Morrison Faculty Leader of Additional Support Needs (including Communication Base) Sheila Barry Principal Teacher of Additional Support Needs (0.5) Our team includes highly trained and passionate Teachers, Learning Assistants and Pupil & Family Support workers.