Personal, Social and Health Education is a key curricular area in the Vale of Leven Academy. It is the responsibility of all, to ensure that every young person in the Vale of Leven Academy receives an education which equips them with the knowledge, understanding and skills required to confidently make responsible decisions, enabling them to effectively manage their lives.

Whilst the Health and Wellbeing curriculum is delivered throughout the school, in a variety of subject areas. PSHE delivers and/or consolidates a large proportion of the Health & Wellbeing curriculum.

Every young person in the Vale of Leven Academy is involved in the PSHE curriculum. It is delivered by their class tutor, during tutor period. The course is designed for the needs of the young people in each year group, the work covered is a progression from the work in previous years.

The Health and Wellbeing curriculum is organised into six key areas, in line with Curriculum for Excellence guidance:

Mental, Emotional, Social and Physical Wellbeing

Planning for Choices and Changes

Physical Education, Physical Activity and Sport

Food and Health

Substance Misuse

Relationships, Sexual Health and Parenthood

Education Scotland PSE Benchmarks

It follows the WDC Third and Fourth level progression pathway for BGE (S1-S3). Senior Phase (S4/5/6) classes also follow the same structure, lessons are tailored to be a direct progression from the work covered in BGE.

HWB WDC Pathway.pdf

We endeavor to ensure every young person in the Vale of Leven Academy, receives a programme of Personal, Social and Health Education which meets their needs. This means adapting the course to reflect local and national priorities and responding to feedback from our young people, staff, partner agencies and parents.

If you would like to leave feedback on any aspect of our PSHE provision, please feel free to contact us, or complete and submit the form below.

PSHE Parent/Carer Survey

We are currently reflecting on the work carried out by Education Scotland, in inspecting and evaluating PSHE across the country. We are using this as a basis to plan our next steps.

Education Scotland Thematic Inspection

Should you wish to discuss any aspect of our PSHE course. Please feel free to contact Mrs F Panelli (Principal Teacher of Pupil Support) or Mr H Moran (Deputy Head Teacher) at any time.